In 2 Life’s volunteer Mentors are dedicated men and women aged over 21 years old from all walks of life.  They are willing to build a relationship of trust and will encourage young people to achieve their personal best whilst providing support to negotiate life’s challenges.


To equip mentors for this interesting and rewarding role, a formal process is undertaken with all applicants required to successfully complete the application process. They also attend an orientation and training day before being matched with a young person.

We will always try to place you with a young person living in an area nominated by you or in your local school or community.  After your application has been processed and all referees contacted, a suitable time will be arranged for you to attend the orientation and training session.

In 2 Life volunteers are required to demonstrate their suitability to work with children by undertaking either a current National Police Certificate or a National Criminal History Check.  In 2 Life facilitates this process and details are provided at the orientation and training session.

Steps in the application process are as follows:
– Completed online application form
– Reference checks are conducted
– Mentor applies for either National Police Certificate or National Criminal History Check
– Mentor attends an Orientation and Training Day, and
– Mentor is matched with a young person.

Orientation and Training Day
All volunteer mentors are required to attend an orientation and taining day (1 day, sometimes held over two sessions) which addresses issues such as confidentiality, Duty of Care, commitment, boundaries and conflict resolution.  The workshop also details how the program operates and the mentor’s role within the school or agency system.

Screening Requirements
In 2 Life’s key responsibility is to ensure that each volunteer Mentor is screened, reference checked and provided with the opportunity to access adequate training before establishing a mentoring relationship with a young person.

With this in mind, In 2 Life ensures:
– Volunteers have been referenced checked.
– New volunteers have a current clearance to work with children.
– New volunteers have attended and completed the orientation and training day.
– Volunteers operate successfully within the guidelines and boundaries of schools, agencies or any other relevant Government department.

These protective measures ensure that both mentors and young people can work together in a safe environment.

To register your interest in mentoring, fill in the fields at the bottom of this page.
For more information please email: mail@in2life.org.au

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