Research confirms that the presence of caring adults in the life of a child is important in assisting them to overcome adversity and achieve at school.  Mentoring seeks to provide such a presence by establishing a trusting relationship between a young person and mentor that:

  • Focuses on the needs of the young person
  • Models and fosters caring and supportive relationships to increase
  • Self confidence, awareness and encourage positive social skills

Parents and guardians must give their consent, and if possible, their ongoing support before young people can be included in the mentoring program.  The young person must also agree to be involved.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from mentoring arrangements should they so wish.  Similarly, the young person has the right to withdraw should they wish.

Mentoring is not a ‘fix all’ and will have more positive outcomes for some young people than others.  Should you wish to discuss your child’s needs with us, please call or email:

P: 08 8355 3021