Youth Suicide

Youth Suicide is preventable and we are surveying to find out when young people first express or act on their suicidal thoughts.

In 2 Life is a youth suicide prevention organisation that offers support for young people who are suicidal and we do this through social media.

If you are feeling suicidal you can seek help in our Facebook group: or visit our website @

This survey is for the age group 13 - 26.

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1. Do you have thoughts of suicide?
2. If Yes, How often?
3. Have you attempted suicide?
4. If Yes, how many times have you attempted suicide?
5. If you attempted suicide, did you speak to someone first?
6. Who did you speak with?
7. How old are you?
8. How do you or would you access help or support if you needed it?

9. Have you joined our Facebook group ?