Preventing Suicide in Youth (PSY)

More Australian males die from suicide each year than those who die in road accidents.  In 2010, citing the most recent figures available, 2191 people took their own lives, while the annual road toll has now fallen below 1400[1].

The facts and extent of the issue are not widely known because of social and cultural prohibitions.  As a result suicide is not considered a public health issue therefore, very little government mental health funding finds its way into the area of early intervention and community based prevention programs.

PSY has been established to advocate, support and educate in response to the serious and complex issue of youth suicide.

Following a series of youth suicides, two 18 year old young people established a Facebook page called “Coming together to prevent suicide”.  The high interaction on their posts has resulted in 19,000 members proving that young people are highly interested in engaging with one another in crisis.  This has sparked a national debate around the use of social media in crisis and the silence and stigma of speaking out about suicide.

In 2 Life recognises the sensitivities in discussing suicide publically and therefore is providing support, organisational covering and guidance to those youth who currently have carriage of the Facebook site through our internet support services.

Below are important organisations to contact for support and understanding.

[1] ABS Statistics – “Causes of death”