Your Feedback – Compliments to complaints

We value your feedback, compliments, suggestions and complaints.

Our commitment to ensuring our service meets with best practice means we value your feedback regarding how we are performing.  If you would like to compliment one of our Support Workers or have a suggestion on how we can improve our program, we want to know.

Just the same, if we make a mistake, or our service doesn’t meet your expectations, we also want to know.  You can communicate your thoughts and ideas in the following ways:

Raising concerns or providing feedback.

You can provide compliments or suggestions to the  Executive Director whose details are below.


Step 1 – Management team:  Our management team is your first point of contact for raising concerns or providing feedback.
Step 2 – Executive Director:  If you are unhappy with the response you have received or would like to lodge a formal complaint, you can contact our Executive Director.  The Executive Director will work closely with you to address your concerns quickly and amicably.  We aim to resolve the   majority of complaints within the shortest amount of time possible.  In cases where your complaint will take longer to resolve, we will update you progressively. Write or email to:Executive DirectorIn 2 Life IncPO Box 1061

Flinders Park  SA    5025

Step 3 – In 2 Life’s Chair of the Board:  If you are not satisfied with the resolution offered by our Executive Director, you can have your complaint reviewed by In 2 Life’s Board. Write or email to:Chairman of the BoardIn 2 Life IncPO Box 1061

Flinders Park  SA    5025

Step 4 – Independent Advocate:  If you are still not satisfied with the resolution offered by In 2 Life’s Chair of the Board, you can have your complaint independently reviewed to reach a resolution that is fair to you and to In 2 Life. Write or email to:Independent AdvocateIn 2 Life IncPO Box 1061

Flinders Park  SA    5025



Further help options

Listed below are other sources for you to consider if you have tried steps 1-4 on the previous page:

Australian and New Zealand Health Complaints Commissioners 

Australian Capital   Territory  Phone:  (02) 6205 2222Email:
New South Wales   Phone:  1800 034 159Email:
New Zealand Phone:  0800 11 22 33Email:
Northern Territory Phone:  1800 004 474Email:
Queensland Phone:  1800 077 308Email:
South Australia Phone:  1800 232 007Email:  www.
Tasmania Phone:  1800 001 170Email:
Victoria Phone:  1800 136 066Email:
Western Australia Phone:  1800 813 583Email: